At Ergonaut, we have adopted sustainable practices to better care for our planet.
We continue to review and add to the following commitments:

1. Preferred Fabric
2. Intentional Design

3. Mindful Packaging
4. Small Batch Production
5. Circular Wear
6. Garment Care

Preferred Fabric

Every piece in Collection 2 uses environmentally-preferred fabrics, such as Modal, Tencel and Aloe fibre. Not only do these fabrics have incredibly soft hand-feel, they are regenerated cellulosic fibers. Where small percentages of synthetics are required for performance, we limit their use and seek out their eco-friendly equivalents.

Intentional Design

When designing, we deliberately create pieces that can integrate with previous collections, your existing wardrobe and be worn across many settings. We preference timeless designs over fleeting trends, so you may continue to love your Ergonaut pieces for years to come.

Garment Care

We encourage proper garment care to ensure our pieces endure as intended. View our simple Garment Care instructions to give your clothes longevity.

Mindful Packaging

We are proud to be transitioning from combination recyclable packaging to completely sustainable shipping. As we phase out our current mailers, you will start to receive your garments wrapped in recycled material, shipped in compostable mailers made from plant materials.

Circular Wear

We partner with Airrobe to promote a circular fashion economy. When you shop through Ergonaut, you have the option to add your clothes to your Airrobe wardrobe. By selling or wearing just one pre-owned fashion piece, you offset 19kg of C02 emissions, 95 litres of water and 2kg of textile waste. Through Airrobe, you can look polished now and repurpose your piece at a later date.

Small Batch Production

We manufacture our collections in small quantities to prevent textile waste. The 'notify me' button on our garment pages also enables us to gauge interest on specific items. Our small production runs mean we are sometimes low or out of stock on items. If you covet a piece and see it's available in your size, there is unfortunately no guarantee it will remain available.