What does the word Ergonaut mean?

Ergonomic adjective (designed for comfort) + astronaut noun (a person who shoots for the moon; a male dominated profession where women are making large strides)

Are the clothes really pyjamas?

You could sleep in them (we have in the name of science and comfort) but we use the word pyjamas to describe how soft, stretchy and functional Ergonaut clothes are. They're so flattering that we'd much prefer you striding around the office, showing off your polished attire.

Why is the sizing not numbered? Ugh.

We think you're much more of a star than a number. That's why all our sizes are celestially inspired. That's right, mimosa is not just a delicious cocktail. Numbers are too often correlated with worth and 'scuse our work inappropriate language but we think that's BS. In our experience, sizing varies wildly from store to store and we want to ensure you check your measurements to get that perfect fit.

Where is my size?

The first Ergonaut collection is currently available in 3 sizes but we want to expand! If you can't see your size above, please send an email to nicola@ergonaut.co with the subject line SIZE MISSING. Based on demand, we will be able to expand our size range.

What is the return policy?

Returns are free! See the return policy here.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Shipping information here. Express available by request.

How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is wanted and welcomed! No, really. Hearing about your experiences helps us fine-tune our processes and improve the service we deliver. Email nicola@ergonaut.co for a quick response.